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Hockey Matters: Is the tradition of the “3 cheers” dying?

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Buckingham player Lottie Porter took to social media this month to highlight what she saw as the dying tradition of ‘3 cheers’ at the end of the game.

Porter said three Top 6 teams in the Vitality Women’s Premier Division did not offer the formality.

“It looks like ‘3 cheers’ is dying,” she wrote on Twitter. “Is it bad sportsmanship or are a lot of teams not doing it now?! Or maybe our score lines didn’t deserve it.

Hip hip Hooray? Or is Lottie right and starting to fade full time? Or is it just fading at the elite level?

Replies to his tweet suggest the tradition is still very much alive, although there have been instances where sportsmanship has not been observed.

“Definitely still something being done in the Midlands,” writes Stephen Tabb.

“We gave our referees 3 more cheers on Monday for managing to officiate a great game in fog and when you couldn’t really see through the whole pitch as a player!”

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