World Baseball Classics – Watch Live, Schedule PDF, TV Rights

The newly started World Baseball Classic tournament which is the 5th edition of the championship will be held in the month of March for this year which will start from 8th March 2023 under the supervision of its regulatory body that conducts these games.

The locations where it is scheduled to be played in Japan, Taiwan & United States.

World BaseBall Classic 2023 Schedule & Timings

Initially the games were scheduled in 2021 but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they were postponed to 2023.

Event Name: The World baseball classic
Start Date: 8th March 2023
Close Date: 21st March 2023
Types: Baseball tournament.
Venue: Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.
TV Broadcast: CBS sports, Hulu TV, Sling TV, FoxSports, etc.

The teams thay played in 2017 automatically gets qualified in 2023 with four extra spots and teams strength has been expanded from 16 to 20 teams from different countries

Update About the Game :

After missing the games for two times Panama team is returning this time for the games. Additionally, Czech republic, Great Britain & Nicaragua will make their first time entry in the games this year.

The Teams – WBC 2023

Pool A

Chinese Taipei (2) (hosts)
Netherlands (8)
Italy (17)
Cuba (9)
Panama (13)

Pool B

South Korea (3)
Japan (1) (hosts)
Australia (10)
China (21)
Czech Republic (14)

Pool C

United States (5) (hosts)
Mexico (4)
Colombia (11)
Great Britain (23)
Canada (12)

Pool D

Puerto Rico (16)
Venezuela (6)
Israel (20)
Dominican Republic (7)
Nicaragua (15)

Watch WBC 2023 Live Stream in USA

All the major brands have been given the rights to broadcast the games live including Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Fox Sports, Playstation Vue, CBS Sports being few of them.

Hulu TV will stream Live all the games live at the cost of $ 39.99/mo and the package will include free 50 channels.There is a free trial version for 7 days and the pricing may change. Check before subscribing.

Fubo TV is another streaming channel in USA that will showcase the games and has good package for everybody. The current rates are $45/mo with 75 free channels and you can very well watch the WBC games.

Sling TV is another famous streaming option in the USA with $25/mo package and this also includes fox sports channel with access to 30 channels.

Roku TV is another option in USA which can help you connect to the TV at better rates.

Youtube TV is another lookout for at cheaper rates of $25/mo and there are other plans also available.

How to watch WBC 2023 games from Outside USA :

If you are outside USA and wish to connect to any of the streaming above services or any other online service or wish to connect to the local option available where you are travelling, a VPN is the best option.
A VPN will give you the option to choose the location of your choice and throw back to the server that you are in that country and give access online. It will remove geographical restrictions worldover.

There are a no. of options available for a VPN. We suggest Express VPN and Pure VPN considering our large experience with them and their services to the client.

Catching the World Baseball Classic Games on Social Media

You can connect to them on multi social media options available such as facebook, youtube, twitter, reddit wherein you can subscribe to them and have a real time update being provided. But to watch the action live, you will have to subscribe to above mentioned services.