What are Silicon Scar Tapes & their uses & benefits

Silicon scar tapes are used for treating scar tissues which are chemical free and also pain free. They can be used for multiple scars that are caused due to inujury, post surgery, burn and acne scars. They are very simple to use which can be tried at home without any help from medical professional.

These tapes are made of combination of hydration and occlusion which when applied will make the area moist and hydrate which helps in the recovery as well as removal or lightening of the scar.

This has been a old resolution for scar treatment that has given results but overall medical confirmation for the product is yet not found. The research conducted by many has revealed that silicon sheets have shown effectiveness on texture, appearance and colour of scar which also include burn and post surgery scars. There is no age bar and it is useful across all ages and generally all types of skins.

As mentioned above, it can be used on acne scars for removal, burn scars, post surgical scars and in addition there are other kinds such as Keloid and hypertrophic scars which can also be treated under the purview of silicon tapes.

The usage of these tapes is very simple and can be started once when the wound is totally healed. Remember, a wound or scar not properly healed can lead to infection creating complications. Once you are confident, clean the area and dry properly post which you can apply the tape to the area by cutting it to the size of the wound and apply the full area. Keep the tape for few hours(generally start with 10 to 12 hours and extend up to 24 hours) on a regular basis. The treatement may take some time depending on the vintage of your scar i.e say if the scar is new it may heal in and around 3 months while a old scar may take up to 5 to 6 months.

What are the side effects of silicon sheets?
Ideally, you should not have a cut or wound that is open or not healed properly to avoid infection. There are a few people which may show allergy to silicon, they should not use these sheets. And after applying if one finds a reaction, they should stop the use immediately.

There are popular brands that make silicon sheet which include Mederma, Scaraway & Cica Tape to name a few.