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This year’s tournament originally was scheduled to be co-hosted by Belarus (Minsk) and Latvia, but the International Ice Hockey Federation moved it in February because of political unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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TV channel (U.S.): NHL Network

Live steam (Canada): FuboTV & Sling TV

TV channel (Canada): TSN

Live stream (Canada): TSN.ca

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The 2021 edition will be held in Riga, Latvia, at two rinks: the Arena Riga and the Olympic Sports Centre. 2021 IIHF Men’s World Championship will be held on 21 May to 6 June, 2021. It has been 15 years since Riga hosted the tournament; Sweden won the gold there in 2006. USA Hockey is aiming for its third gold medal while Hockey Canada is going for gold medal No. 26 and its first since 2016. If Canada does snag the gold, then it will tie Russia/the Soviet Union for the most in tournament history.

Here’s everything to know about the 2021 world ice hockey championship, including how to watch games on TV and stream online, plus the full schedule, scores and standing.

IIHF Men’s World Championship 2021 Team & Groups

Sixteen teams divided into two groups will compete in the preliminary round. Each team will play the other seven teams in their group over the course of the first 12 days of the competition ending on June 1.

The top four teams in each group after the prelims will advance to the quarterfinals on June 3. After the semifinals on June 5, the bronze-medal and gold-medal games will take place on Sunday, June 6.

Participating Nation – IIHF World Championship 2021

  • Switzerland –
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Latvia – host nation
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan

IIHF World Championship 2020 Participating team will divided into two group – A and B.

Group A :

Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus and Great Britain.

Group B :

Russia, Finland, United States, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway, Italy and Kazakhstan

2021 IIHF MWC TV Channels & Broadcast List

TV channel (U.S.): NHL Network

Live steam (Canada): FuboTV, Sling TV

TV channel (Canada): TSN

Live stream (Canada): TSN.ca

In the United States, every American game, along with select games of other countries, will be shown on NHL Network. NHL Network can be streamed on FuboTV and Sling TV.

In Canada, TSN will air every game of the 2021 tournament with select games also appearing exclusively on TSN.ca or the TSN App.

Why is Russia listed as ‘ROC’?

The World Anti-Doping Agency banned Russia from international competition for four years last December. The ban includes Olympic Games and world championships and Russia’s flag or name cannot be used. Athletes, however, are not banned from competing but can only do so under a neutral flag.

2021 Men’s World Championship Full Schedule

Participating teams are each guaranteed seven group-stage games. Teams that advance to the final day of competition (bronze-medal or gold-medal game) will play 10 contests total.

(All times Eastern)


Russia vs. Czech Republic             9:15 a.m.              TSN1, NHLN

Germany vs. Italy             9:15 a.m.              TSN2

Belarus vs. Slovakia         1:15 p.m.             TSN.ca/TSN App

Canada vs. Latvia              1:15 p.m.             TSN1/3, NHLN


Denmark vs. Sweden     5:15 a.m.              TSN1, NHLN

Norway vs. Germany     5:15 a.m.              TSN3

Great Britain vs. Russia  9:15 a.m.              TSN1

Finland vs. USA 9:15 a.m.              TSN3, NHLN

Czech Republic vs. Switzerland  1:15 p.m.             TSN1, NHLN

Latvia vs. Kazakhstan      1:15 p.m.             TSN3


Great Britain vs. Slovakia              5:15 a.m.              TSN4, NHLN

Norway vs. Italy                5:15 a.m.              TSN1

Sweden vs. Belarus         9:15 a.m.              TSN2

Kazakhstan vs. Finland   9:15 a.m.              TSN1, NHLN

Denmark vs. Switzerland              1:15 p.m.             TSN2

Canada vs. USA 1:15 p.m.             TSN1/3, NHLN


Slovakia vs. Russia           9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Latvia vs. Italy    9:15 a.m.              TSN3

Czech Republic vs. Belarus           1:15 p.m.             TSN2

Germany vs. Canada      1:15 p.m.             TSN1/3/4


Great Britain vs. Denmark            9:15 a.m.              TSN3

USA vs. Kazakhstan         9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4, NHLN

Switzerland vs. Sweden                1:15 p.m.             TSN1/4

Finland vs. Norway          1:15 p.m.             TSN3


Russia vs. Denmark         9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Kazakhstan vs. Germany              9:15 a.m.              TSN3

Belarus vs. Great Britain                1:15 p.m.             TSN2

Canada vs. Norway         1:15 p.m.             TSN1/3/4


Switzerland vs. Slovakia                9:15 a.m.              TSN1

USA vs. Latvia    9:15 a.m.              TSN4, NHLN

Sweden vs. Czech Republic         1:15 p.m.             TSN1/4

Finland vs. Italy 1:15 p.m.             TSN3


Sweden vs. Great Britain              9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Kazakhstan vs. Canada  9:15 a.m.              TSN3

Denmark vs. Belarus       1:15 p.m.             TSN1

Latvia vs. Norway             1:15 a.m.              TSN3


Czech Republic vs. Great Britain                5:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Italy vs. Kazakhstan         5:15 a.m.              TSN3

Switzerland vs. Russia    9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Norway vs. USA                9:15 a.m.              TSN3, NHLN

Slovakia vs. Denmark     1:15 p.m.             TSN1

Germany vs. Finland       1:15 p.m.             TSN3


Belarus vs. Switzerland  9:15 a.m.              TSN.ca/TSN App

Italy vs. Canada 9:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Sweden vs. Slovakia       1:15 p.m.             TSN1

Finland vs. Latvia              1:15 p.m.             TSN3


Czech Republic vs. Denmark       9:15 a.m.              TSN1

USA vs. Germany             9:15 a.m.              TSN4, NHLN

Russia vs. Sweden           1:15 p.m.             TSN4

Norway vs. Kazakhstan 1:15 p.m.             TSN5


Switzerland vs. Great Britain       5:15 a.m.              TSN2

Canada vs. Finland           5:15 a.m.              TSN1/4

Slovakia vs. Czech Republic          9:15 a.m.              TSN1

Italy vs. USA       9:15 a.m.              TSN4, NHLN

Russia vs. Belarus             1:15 p.m.             TSN1

Germany vs. Latvia          1:15 p.m.             TSN4


Quarterfinal       9:15 a.m.              TSN3

Quarterfinal       9:15 a.m.              TSN4

Quarterfinal       1:15 p.m.             TSN3

Quarterfinal       1:15 p.m.             TSN4


Semifinal             7:15 a.m.              TSN1/5

Semifinal             11:15 a.m.           TSN1/5


Bronze medal    8:15 a.m.              TSN4/5

Gold medal         1:15 p.m.             TSN4/5

IIHF Men’s World Championship Medal Summary

Country                Gold      Silver     Bronze  Total

Canada 26           15           9              50

Russia* 27           10           10           47

Sweden               11           19           17           47

Czech Republic  12           13           21           46

United States    2              9              8              19

Finland 3              8              3              14

Switzerland        0              3              8              11

The Fixtures or Schedule of IIHF World Championship 2020 was announced on 1st August 2019. Below the group wise schedule of IIHF World Championship 2020.