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How the architect started the Harleston Magpies hockey roadmap after the £500,000 pitch redesign

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Laying new ground after a 20-year lifespan is not just about raising huge funds. In the case of Harleston Magpies, it has seen players and officials travel from Leeds to Loughborough to get a feel for other UK-wide astro projects and then face price hikes on pitch pieces and last minute pump problems.

After a £500,000 project, Magpies have now crossed the line. And for that, the club is largely grateful to club manager Myles Taylor, an architect by trade, who is also the visual brain behind Surbiton’s 2024 Masterplan. Having played for both clubs, he is considered ‘the epitome of a club man’.

More than 100 players and supporters gathered at Harleston Magpies last month to celebrate the opening of their new water ground, the ribbon cut by two of the Magpies’ current England age group players, Beth Gardens and Anna Cogdell.

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