FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 Live Stream Online Free

Hockey is the game that is creating interest world over since last few years after Football and Rugby. The World Cup is held every four years and now the time has come in 2023 again for the show to start and give a chance to the participating teams to show their mettle in the game.

Details of the Events are as follows :

  • Event Name: FIH Hockey world cup
  • Start Date: 13th January 2023
  • Close Date: 29th January 2023
  • Venue: Kalinga Stadium Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium
  • Location: India
  • TV Broadcast Rights : Countrywise as per schedule below

2023 World Cup Pools and Teams

A total of 16 teams are there selected to play in the FIH World cup 2023 with 4 pools of countrywise teams as per the following details.

Pool A

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. France
  4. South Africa

Pool B

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. Korea
  4. And Japan

Pool C

  1. Netherlands
  2. New Zealand
  3. Malaysia
  4. And Chile.

Pool D

  • Wales
  • England
  • Spain
  • And India.

The full PDF schedule Hockey World Cup 2023 matches are given in the link

FIH Hockey world cup 2023 teams, schedule, and How to watch

Hockey world cup 2023 schedule with Venues

Player teamsVenueDate & Time (IST as host country)
Argentina VS South AfricaBhubaneswar, India13:00, Friday, 13th January 2023
Australia VS FranceBhubaneswar, India15:00, Friday, 13th January 2023
England VS WalesRourkela, India17:00, Friday, 13th January 2023
India VS SpainRourkela, India19:00, Friday, 13th January 2023
New Zealand VS ChileRourkela, India13:00, Saturday, 14th January 2023
Netherlands VS MalaysiaRourkela, India15:00, Saturday, 14th January 2023
Belgium VS KoreaBhubaneswar, India17:00, Saturday, 14th January 2023
Germany VS JapanBhubaneswar, India19:00, Saturday, 14th January 23
Spain VS WalesRourkela, India17:00, Sunday, 15th January 23
England VS IndiaRourkela, India19:00, Sunday, 15th January 23
 Malaysia VS ChileRourkela, India13:00, Monday, 16th January 23
 New Zealand VS NetherlandsRourkela, India15:00, Monday, 16th January 23
France VS South AfricaBhubaneswar, India17:00, Monday, 16th January 23
Argentina VS AustraliaBhubaneswar, India19:00, Monday, 16th January 23
 Korea VS JapanBhubaneswar, India17:00, Tuesday, 17th January 23
Germany VS BelgiumBhubaneswar, India19:00, Tuesday, 17th January 23
Malaysia VS New ZealandBhubaneswar, India13:00, Thursday, 19th January 23
Netherlands VS ChileBhubaneswar, India15:00, Thursday, 19th January 23
Spain VS EnglandBhubaneswar, India17:00, Thursday, 19th January 23
India VS WalesBhubaneswar, India19:00, Thursday, 19th January 23
Australia VS South AfricaRourkela, India13:00, Friday, 20th January 23
France VS ArgentinaRourkela, India15:00, Friday, 20th January 23
Belgium VS JapanRourkela, India17:00, Friday, 20th January 23
Korea VS GermanyRourkela, India19:00, Friday, 20th January 23
2nd Pool C VS 3rd Pool DBhubaneswar, India16:30, Sunday, 22nd January 23
2nd Pool D VS 3rd Pool CBhubaneswar, India19:00, Sunday, 22nd January 23
2nd Pool A VS 3rd Pool BBhubaneswar, India16:30, Monday, 23rd January 23
2nd Pool B VS 3rd Pool ABhubaneswar, India19:00, Monday, 23rd January 23
1st Pool A VS Winner 25Bhubaneswar, India16:30, Tuesday, 24th January 23
1st Pool B VS Winner 26Bhubaneswar, India19:00, Tuesday, 24th January 23
1st Pool C VS Winner 27Bhubaneswar, India16:30, Wednesday, 25th January 23
1st Pool D VS Winner 28Bhubaneswar, India19:00, Wednesday, 25th January 23
4th Pool A VS Loser 25Rourkela, India11:30, Thursday, 26th January 23
4th Pool B VS Loser 26Rourkela, India14:00, Thursday, 26th January 23
4th Pool C VS Loser 27Rourkela, India16:30, Thursday, 26th January 23
4th Pool D VS Loser 28Rourkela, India19:00, Thursday, 26th January 23
Winner 29 VS Winner 32Bhubaneswar, India16:30, Friday, 27th January 23
Winner 30 VS Winner 31Bhubaneswar, India19:00, Friday, 27th January 23
Loser 33 VS Loser 34Rourkela, India11:30, Saturday, 28th January 23
Loser 33 VS Loser 34Rourkela, India14:00, Saturday, 28th January 23
Winner 33 VS Winner 34Rourkela, India16:30, Saturday, 28th January 23
Winner 33 VS Winner 34Rourkela, India19:00, Saturday, 28th January 23
Loser 37 VS Loser 38Bhubaneswar, India16:30, Sunday, 29th January 23
Winner 37 VS Winner 38Bhubaneswar, India19:00, Sunday, 29th January 23

Who are the Umpires selected for the conduct during the game?

18 umpires were appointed by the FIH for this tournament as follows :

  • Rawi Anbananthan (MAS)
  • Dan Barstow (ENG)
  • Christian Blasch (GER)
  • Federico García (URU)
  • Gareth Greenfield (NZL)
  • Marcin Grochal (POL)
  • Ben Göntgen (GER)
  • Eric Koh (MAS)
  • Lim Hong Zhen (SGP)
  • Martin Madden (SCO)
  • Jakub Mejzlík (CZE)
  • Germán Montes de Oca (ARG)
  • Raghu Prasad (IND)
  • Sean Rapaport (RSA)
  • Steve Rodgers (AUS)
  • Javed Shaikh (IND)
  • David Tomlinson (NZL)
  • Coen van Bunge (NED)

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