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IIHF Women’s World Championship 2022 Live Stream, Date, Time, Venue & TV Guides |IIHF WWC 2022 Live

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IIHF Women's World Championship 2021
Women's Ice Hockey Championship 2022
Date : 26 August to 4 September, 2022
Watch Free : TSN or RDS [ Canada ]
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Now Ice Hockey is very famous in the world. Are you a big fans Ice Hockey ? So there is a great news for you. This year IIHF Women’s and Men’s Championship are coming back. Enjoy the full tournament with us, first check the details of IIHF Women’s World Championship 2022 live stream, date, time, venue and tv guides.

IIHF Women’s World Championship is an international Ice Hockey tournament organized by the International Ice Hockey Federations. This year IIHF WWC 2022 will be scheduled on 26 August to 4 September, 2022. IIHF WWC 2022 will be held in Canada. There are a total of 10 teams will take part in IIHF WWC 2022. The venue of the IIHF WWC 2022 is in Canada and scheduled to be contested in Halifax Nova Scotia and Truro Nova Scotia in Canada.

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Participating Nations – IIHF WWC 2022

There are a total of 10 teams will take part in this Ice hockey tournament Scheduled in Canada.

  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Czechia
  • Ice Hockey Federations of Russia

The 10-team tournament features Canada in Group A with Finland, Russia, Switzerland and the United States, while Group B is comprised of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Japan.

IIHF Women’s WC 2022 Group

A total of 10 teams devided into two groups. Check the details of group and group wise schedule.

Group A : United States, Canada, Finland, Ice Hockey Federation of Russia, Switzerland

Group B : Germany, Hungary, Japan, Czech Republic, Denmark

IIHF WWC 2022 Schedule or Fixtures

Hockey Canada and the host organizing committee on behalf of the IIHF unveiled the full tournament schedule Thursday. The 31 game schedule will be played at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax and Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro, May 6-16, 2021.

Hockey Canada will continue to explore the opportunity to have a limited number of fans in attendance at both venues. In addition to Canada’s opening-day game against Finland, it will also play Russia on May 8 and Switzerland on May 9 before closing out the preliminary round against its cross-border rival, the United States, on May 11. All four of Canada’s preliminary-round games will take place at 7:30 p.m. AT.

20/8/2116:00Canada Vs Finland Calgary
20/8/21 19:30Switzerland Vs United States Calgary
20/8/21 12:00Czech Republic Vs Denmark Calgary
21/8/21 12:00Germany Vs Hungary Calgary
21/8/21 16:00ROC Vs Switzerland Calgary
21/8/21 19:30Denmark Vs Japan Calgary
22/8/21 12:00Hungary Vs Czech Republic Calgary
22/8/21 16:00Canada Vs ROC Calgary
22/8/21 19:30Finland Vs USA Calgary
23/8/21 12:00Germany Vs Denmark Calgary
23/8/21 16:00Japan Vs Czech Republic Calgary
24/8/21 12:00USA Vs ROC Calgary
24/8/21 16:00Switzerland Vs Canada Calgary
24/8/21 19:30Hungary Vs Japan Calgary
25/8/21 12:00ROC Vs Finland Calgary
25/8/21 16:00Czech Republic Vs Germany Calgary
25/8/21 19:30Denmark Vs Hungary Calgary
26/8/21 12:00Finland Vs Switzerland Calgary
26/8/21 16:00USA VS Canada Calgary
26/8/21 19:30Japan Vs Germany Calgary

IIHF WWC 2022 Team Roster

not announced yet………

IIHF Women’s World Championship 2022 Broadcasters List

TSN and RDS, the official broadcast partners of Hockey Canada, will carry extensive game coverage and analysis throughout the IIHF Women’s World Championship, and will broadcast all preliminary-round games, quarterfinals, semifinals and medal games in Halifax.

IIHF WWC 2022 Tournament Format

he 10 teams are divided into two, tiered, five-team groups in the Preliminary Round.

After a single round-robin series in each group, the five teams from Group A and the best three teams from Group B advance to the Playoff Round. 

The Quarter-Finals will be played between A1-B3, A2-B2, A3-B1, A4-A5. The winner of each Quarter-Final moves onto the Semi-Finals.

In the semi-finals the best-ranked team – criteria: 1) Tier of the group. 2) placement in the group – will play against the lowest-ranked semi-finalist. The 2nd-best ranked semi-finalist will play the 3rd-best ranked semi-finalist.

Both semi-final games will be played in Halifax. The host if qualified, or otherwise the best-ranked semi-finalist according to beforementioned criteria, shall play the early game. The time slots will officially be determined after the quarter-final games.

The winner of each Semi-Final game will move onto the Gold Medal Game, while the losers will play in the Bronze Medal Game.

The quarter-final losers will play placement games in a knockout format. The winner of the 5th-place game will earn a Group A seeding for next year. The remaining teams (7th to 10th) will be ranked according to 1. the tiered group they played in (A/B), 2. their position within the group, 3. their preliminary-round record (1. points, 2. goal difference, 3. goals scored)..

Final Ranking

The gold medal game and bronze medal game will determine the final ranking for the top-4 teams. The eliminated teams from the preliminary round plus the losing teams of the quarter-finals will be ranked following their positions in the groups preceding the quarter-final round.

The final ranking will follow the following procedure:
1. Higher position in the group,
2. Higher number of points,
3. Better goal difference,
4. Higher number of goals scored for,
5. Better seeding number

IIHF Women’s World Championship 2022 Referee List