Euro 2020 Live Stream & Live Scores in Macedonia

Sportklub provide live stream of the Euro 2020 all matches in North Macedonia. Enjoy the complete tournament with it. Euro 2020 will be scheduled between June 12 to July 12, 2020. The Euro 2020 Opening Ceremony will be held in Olimpica in Rome on 12 June, 2020.

Sportklub also provide Euro 2020 Opening ceremony and all matches live telecast in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia

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According to the official documents UEFE, Sport Klub is their media partner for the transmission of EURO 2020 football matches for the Republic of Slovenia. At least that was until Sport TV announced the news that they had acquired the rights to broadcast the 51 matches of the 2020 European Football Championship Euro 2020.

The Sport Club (United Media) has sold TV rights to Slic TV with a sub-license

The only explanation is that the first paragraph may be that the Sport Club, with a sub-license of TV rights, has sold Sport to TV. This is not uncommon in TV broadcasts, especially in sports. This was confirmed by UEFI, which reads as follows

At the end of last year, United Media published a call to TV stations in Slovenia

United Media, which is the owner of Telemach in addition to Sport Club programs in Slovenia, has sent an invitation for purchase of broadcast rights to interested Slovenian TV companies, according to a reply provided by Sport TV on December 30, 2019. Planet TV acknowledged the invitation but did not participate. It is safe to say that Pro Plus (Kanal A, POP TV) and RTV Slovenia (SLO 2) were in the running for the rights, which obviously did not offer a high enough price. Sport TV replied regarding the purchase of rights

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Sport TV is not available at Telekom Slovenije, Sport Club is available practically everywhere

In fact, the fact that Sport TV got the rights to EURO 2020 would not be at all interesting if it were not for Telekom Slovenia to withdraw Sport TV programs from the program scheme at the end of last year. At that time, Telekom stated that they could not agree on redistribution rights with the distributor. This year, however, they confirmed that their users remain without this sport program .

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