Venezuela’s Athletes List to Pan American Junior Cali 2021 – Diario Vea

2021 Junior Pan American Games
Date : Nov. 25 to Dec. 5, 2021
Venue : Cali, Colombia
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The portrayal that Venezuela will introduce at the I Cali-Valle 2021 Junior Pan American Games to be held in this Colombian district between November 25 and December 5 will be comprised of an aggregate of 180 competitors who will contend in 30 disciplines. This was reported at a public interview, held at the central command of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV), the leader of the association Eduardo Álvarez Camacho, who featured that of the all out of competitors 54% have a place with the male line and the other 46% will address the female sexual orientation.

He likewise demonstrated that the beginning of the 2024 Olympic cycle will be these Junior Pan American Games live, since they will end up being the doorway to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

“Cali has implied an adjustment of the games structure that finishes in all that has to do with the Youth Games that started with the South American Youth Games, then, at that point, came the proposition for the Bolivarian Youth Games, the CACs in this classification, and we finished in this season of pandemic with the arranging of some lesser classification games “.

In the city of Cali, where 14 disciplines will be held, Venezuela will be available with a cooperation of 68 competitors, in the Jumbo branch it will be available with three games disciplines; in Palmira with three different games; in Calima, central command of water sports, the Creole portrayal will contend in paddling, paddling, marathon and cruising; in the town of Buga he will do boxing, cycling and street cycling; in Jamundí with judo and karate, lastly in Barranquilla he will be with baseball and softball.

With respect to signal carriers, female and male for the occasion, it was accounted for that, as has been done lately, preceding any Olympic occasion, the populace will be counseled to assign them from a rundown of six women and six noble men who will be they will meet this Friday.

To close the gathering with the agents of the nation’s media, a video was given the new and brilliant uniform that the Venezuelan chose in the Junior Pan American Games in Cali-Valle 2021 will wear.