Vanuatu T10 League 2020 Live Streaming & Live Scores

The tri-country T10 competition will contain three groups MT Bulls, Ifira Sharks and Mighty Efate Panthers. The competition is supported by Bet Barter; one of the brands of Sky Infotech and an up and coming web based game ad.

The final match of the Vanuatu Blast T10 League 2020 will occur on June 13,2020.

When all the worldwide cricket exercises over the world are at stop due to coronavirus panemic, the cricket fans are good to go to see some real life with Vanuatu T10 League 2020.

Prior this month, Taiwan’s first-of-its-sort, Taipei T10 League gave the genuinely necessary alleviation to the cricket fans with live activity in the midst of COVID-19 emergencies.

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With the exception of the initial two matches of the Vanuatu Blast T10 League 2020 which will be played on May 21, all the rounds of the group will happen on Saturday.

The group will see a sum of three groups to be specific Mighty Efate Panthers, Ifira Sharks and MT Bulls playing six matches each.

The matches of Vanuatu Blast T10 League will be of 10 overs each however the powerplay is set to hold up to 1-6 overs, with just two players being permitted outside of 30 yards hover for initial 6 overs.

The competition will the opening shot with MT Bulls locking horns against Ifira Sharka at 1:00 PM Local time [7:30 AM IST]. The two groups will be grinding away once more, two or after three hours. Post the initial day, two matches will be arranged each Saturday simultaneously.

Each group will bolt horns with the rest of the groups threefold in the alliance stage. Upwards of 53 cricketers are relied upon to participate in the competition, whose finale will be played on June 13. All the matches will be played at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground at the Hybrid Oval.

Vanuatu T10 League competition first since forever live cricket during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic shutdown to help billions of diehard cricket fans holding on to watch their preferred game live.

Vanuatu Cricket Association, a piece of West Indies and has been partnered to the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1995. For the following a month, 1SPORTS will broadcast, high-vitality and incredibly activity stuffed T10 cricket from the West Indies at the most appropriate Indian occasions!

Vanuatu T10 Cricket Schedule

Below the complete schedule of Vanuatu T10 League 2020. This is the first cricket league between coronavirus attack.

May 21 – 1st Match , Mighty Efate Panthers 128/5 (10 ov) MT Bulls 91/7 (10 ov)

Mighty Efate Panthers won by 37 runs.

May 21 – 2nd Match , Ifira Sharks 35/10 (7.1 ov) Mighty Efate Panthers 36/5 (7.4 ov)

Mighty Efate Panthers won by 5 wickets

May 23 – Match 3 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground MT Bulls 61/6 (10 ov) Ifira Sharks 62/6 (8.5 ov)

Ifira Sharks won by 4 wickets

May 23 – Match 4 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground Mighty Efate Panthers 130/3 (10 ov) MT Bulls 135/7 (9.5 ov)

MT Bulls won by 3 wickets

Tomorrow – 07:30 AM Match 5 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground Mighty Efate Panthers Ifira Sharks

Tomorrow – 09:30 AM Match 6 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground MT Bulls Ifira Sharks

Jun 6 – 07:30 AM Match 7 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground MT Bulls Vs Mighty Efate Panthers

Jun 6 – 09:30 AM Match 8 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground Ifira Sharks Vs Mighty Efate Panthers

Jun 13 – 07:30 AM Match 9 , Vanuatu Cricket Ground Ifira Sharks MT Bulls

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Vanuatu T10 League Results

DateMatchResultT1 ScoresT2 scores
23 May 2020Mighty Efate Panthers vs MT BullsMT Bulls won by 3 wicketsMFE: 130/3 (10.0)MTB: 135/7 (9.5)
23 May 2020Ifira Sharks vs MT BullsIfira Sharks won by 4 wicketsIS: 62/6(8.5)MTB: 61/6(10.0)
21 May 2020Ifira Sharks vs Mighty Efate PanthersMighty Efate Panthers won by 5 wktsIS: 35(7.1)MEP: 36/5(7.4)
21 May 2020MT Bulls vs Mighty Efate PanthersMighty Efate Panthers won by 37 runsMT: 91/7(10.0)MEP: 128/5(10.0)

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