U.S. Soccer’s Offer for New Tournament Rejected by Conmebol

Alejandro Dominguez, President of South American Federation rejected an offer to take part in intercontinental tournament hosted and financed by U.S. Soccer in Summer 2020.

Carlos Cordeiro, President of U.S Soccer made offer for a tournament combining both the 10 teams of South America and 6 teams from North and central America and Carribean which would have been worth tens of millions of dollars.

This was primarily rejected to keep the primacy of its own continental championship, Copa America, which is the oldest international soccer championship in the world. Since 1993, tournament has generally featured 12 teams of which 10 will be CONMEBOL and two additional teams from the confederation. In the previous edition of 2016, there were a total of 16 teams that participated which was also thought out this time but finally, twelve teams were finalized to make the competition in line with other tournaments.

Although, US is not a participating team in the Copa America it hosted the game in the last edition in 2016. On three occasions, the tournament was held in multiple South American countries.

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Copa America will be shifted to quadrennial schedule from summer of 2020, as declared by official of Conmebol.

The highest finishing member of CONMEBOL has the right to participate in in the next edition of FIFA confederations Cup though it is not obliged to do so.