In 2022 IIHF Men’s & Women’s WC, World Junior Championship And U18 World Championship Latest Updates

The IIHF Council has supported changes to the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship program. Further Council choices will be made throughout the Council meeting throughout the next few days. Below check the all info and latest updates about IIHF Men’s & Women’s World Championship, IIHF World Junior Championship, Men’s & Women’s U18 World Championship in 2022.

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2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

The IIHF Council established that France and Austria, the following positioned nations in the 2021 IIHF Men’s World Ranking, will partake in the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. France will supplant ROC in Group An in Helsinki and Austria will supplant Belarus in Group B in Tampere.

Beside the substitution of these groups, the game timetable continues as before and the last-positioned group of Group An and the last-positioned group of Group B will be consigned. More data concerning tickets will be distributed soon.

The competition will happen in Tampere and Helsinki, Finland from 13 to 29 May 2022. With France and Austria climbing, the arrangement of the Division I competitions with the ten leftover groups will be acclimated to remember five groups for each gathering with Lithuania climbing.

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The 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group An in Ljubljana, Slovenia incorporates now Korea, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Lithuania as members. The two first-positioned groups will be advanced and the last-positioned group will be consigned.

The 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division I Group B in Poland incorporates Poland, Japan, Estonia, Ukraine and Serbia. The principal positioned group will be elevated to Division IA and the last positioned group will be consigned.

2022 IIHF World Junior Championship

Latvia will contend as the 10th group in the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship, which is arranged in August in Canada with more data on the area and dates to follow.

There will be no consigned group and the arrangement of the 2023 IIHF World Junior Championship will be talked about at a later stage.

2022 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship

The 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship in Germany will be held with eight groups. The gatherings have been reseeded and another game timetable will be laid out.

Bunch A: Canada (1), USA (4), Czechia (5), Germany (8)
Bunch B: Sweden (2), Finland (3), Switzerland (6), Latvia (7)

With presently two open spots in the top division, two groups can be advanced for 2023 and no group will be consigned.

2022 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship

With the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s world championship in Denmark, in August, Council supported that Sweden as best-positioned other group in view of the 2021 IIHF Women’s World Ranking will be welcomed as the 10th group and be cultivated in Group B. At the top competition, one group will be consigned and one group advanced from WWIA. With Sweden climbing, the current year’s Division I Group A will be played with five groups.

Group A : United States, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Japan
Group B : Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden

2022 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women’s World Championship

Slovakia will contend as the eighth group in the competition. The current year’s Division I Group A will accordingly be played with five groups. The assignment/advancement organization will remain something very similar with one group consigned and one group advanced.

Concerning the Russian and Belarusian public groups, right when it is alright for the groups to get back to the IIHF rivalries, Council will conclude how the groups will be reincorporated into the IIHF Championship Program.