Which is the Best For You – Free VPN Vs Paid VPN ?

To provide all the above, any VPN provider must operate global network, update their security protocols, providing customer services round the clock and bear all other expenses to continually keep updating and evolving. So it becomes a costly affair which they recover from their customers. So how do free VPN providers make their earning. Read on.

Free VPN Vs Paid VPN

VPNs serve the following important purposes :

  • Access to restricted content removing Geoblocks
  • Hide you IP address
  • Keep your identity anonymous and thus keep information private
  • Prevent Cyberfrauds

They can make money from any of the following methods :

Ads : Online ads is one of the most popular way of making money in this digital age. Pop up ads will annoy you at once.

Collecting your Private Data : Your personal data is important and sharing this unprotected data to others can make things vulnerable for you.

Inviting Malware to your device : This will make the possibility higher of losing your sensitive passwords and account getting hijacked online.

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The Other significant drawbacks with Free VPNs are as follows :

  • Unable to unblock all streaming services : Bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing content is not the cup of tea with free VPN since many paid versions with good infrastruture are not able unblock many streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO etc.
  • Speed breaks & buffering : Less no. of servers and poor connectivity with free VPNs mostly has the issue with speed of the content streaming resulting in buffering for longer period increasing the wait period.
  • Traffic redirection without permission : You may be redirected to partner websited without your permission with the purpose of shared revenue from the end point of revenue generation.
  • Limited Bandwidth : As discussed above,with limited infrastructure, they cannot provide you with unlimited bandwidth in any corner of the world resulting in frustrating streaming issues.

Verdict : Yes Free VPNs are available, but kill the ultimate purpose of using a VPN service. They have major online security issues along with limited data bandwidth and speed drops resulting in no smooth digital journey.

Best Paid VPN & Why They’re Worth the Price

Whether you need a VPN for online security, privacy protection, streaming restricted content, torrenting, or gaming, these VPNs do it all for a far lower price than you might expect.

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