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Copa America 2024 Live Stream, Scores, Fixtures Or Schedule, Teams, Squad & All You need to know

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Copa America 2024 will be the 48th edition of the tournament. Copa America 2024 will be held on 10 June to 12 July, 2024 in Ecuador. Argentina are the defending champions. Check the details of Copa America 2024 Live Stream, Scores, Fixtures Or Schedule, Teams, Squad & All You need to know.

Participating Nations

All ten CONMEBOL national teams are eligible to enter.

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Ecuador
  4. Peru
  5. Paraguay
  6. Uruguay
  7. Venezuela
  8. Colombia
  9. Bolivia
  10. Chile

It is expected that the 12 team or 16 team tournament will be held in 2024 edition, with 2 or 6 teams from outside CONMEBOL being invited.


Copa America History

Copa America was known as the South American Championships, until 1975. It is the oldest international football competitions . The event was first held in 1916 in honour of the 100th anniversary of Argentina’s independence – with the Uruguay winning the inaugural title .

The Copa America is governed by the CONMEBOL, and tournaments field consists of the 10 national teams that are members of CONMEBOL – Argentina, Bolivia , Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, plus two additional teams that are invited to participant in the event – Qatar And Japan.

But now this year, because of covid 19, A total of CONMEBOL 10 teams will take part in Copa America 2020.

Copa America CONMEBOL :

Founded : 1916 [ 103 years ago]

Region : South America [ CONMEBOL]

No. of Teams : 12 to 16

Current Champions : Chile

Most Successful Team : Uruguay

The Copa America trophy , which is awarded to the winner of the tournament, was donated to the Association by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina , Ernesto Bosch in 1910 , when Argentina organized an event to Commemorate the centenary of the May Revolution.

Beginnings :

The first football team in South America , Lima cricket and football club , was established in Peru in 1859, and the Argentina Football Association was founded in 1893.

Copa America Live Scores for Social Media Savvy Sport lovers :

Social Media is the biggest medium for any kind of updates and sports can be no different and lagged behind. Social Media savvy people will have the following options to keep themselves updated about the game:


Facebook can be accessed through mobile now a days and always gives live resuts of major events of sports. All matches of the CA 2019 through its lives updates, pages and also its live streaming medium. You can get live update of every moment via Facebook and one should not miss if he or she is a big facebook user.

Twitter :

Twitter is also very easy to use social media platform that will keep you updated about the matches and games and live scores. Copa America will have a twitter handle that will publish live coverage of the game along with live updates and photos, small videos to give you a glimpse of the moments of the game.

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